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My name is pronounced as "Esh-ing" (Yixin). I'm currently a senior software engineer with 9+ years of professional experience in tech. I have previously worked in startups, corporations, and medium sized firms both as full time employee and contractor. I have worked with various technology stacks and studied computer science fundamentals, and am eager to learn new technologies and research topics everyday. Currently I'm actively pursuing for a full time position as senior software engineer - willing to relocate as needed.


I was born in Shanghai and spent the first half of my childhood in China.

My family then moved to Kyoto around late 90’s and lived in Japan for 3 years before coming to Texas.

I'm native speaker of all Chinese, Japanese, and English as result!


I pursued my higher education at University of Texas at Austin, attending McCombs School of Business. I graduated with BA with Management Information System as major and Accounting as minor. At the same time I was able to study abroad at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for a semester.

After college I pursued further education in computer science by studying after work. That's when I learned the fundamentals of algorithms and data structure, design patterns, and other skills necessary as software engineer.

Software Engineer

Post college I first worked as data engineer at an enterprise company (USAA). Fast forward couple years I switched my focus towards web development at Volusion as web developer. A startup in Austin named Edgecase took my interest and I join the team as senior full stack developer - worked on front-end and back-end tasks for this machine learning data startup.

With e-tail experience under my belt, I joined iFly as senior fullstack engineer to help the company sell flights to customers across the world. At the same time I taught software bootcamps to teach and mentor students fundamentals of web developer and computer science.

Besides working full-time, I have also partnered with colleagues and friends to work on various startup projects. This includes a financial analysis platform (Senin Finance), recruitment portal (Worksitement) and smart moving app (BoxHopp).

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Current Location: Dallas, TX