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More about Yixin

Yixin wrote his first line of C++ like code in GameMaker in 7th grade middle school to create a Duke Nukem clone. Ever since then Yixin has been actively programming ever since. Throughout college Yixin worked on various part time web programming gigs. After college Yixin gained experience in enterpise software development at USAA, front end and backend web development at Volusion, and full-stack software engineering at Edgecase - a start up. Currently Yixin is delving heavily into financial research, big data, and machine learning.


Yixin was born in Shanghai and spent the first half of his childhood in 1990’s pre-modernized China. As a native speaker of Chinese, Yixin somehow still have connections in China even after all the years.

Yixin's family then moved to Kyoto around late 90’s, and lived in Japan for 3 years. He's a native speaker of Japanese as well as Chinese.

UT Austin

After finishing up Middle and High school in Houston, Yixin spent the next four years of his life at University of Texas at Austin. Yixin attended McCombs School of Business with major in Management Information System and minor in Accounting. He also studied abroad at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

While studying at UT Austin, Yixin started his professional career in web programming by working as a freelance web designer. While he mostly worked with individual clients, he also had the opportunity to work for couple start-up companies in Austin.

Data Specialist

Upon finishing his bachelor's degree, Yixin became an employee at United Services Automobile Association at San Antonio as a Software Developer. He worked with various enterprise data platforms to perform ETL operations. At the same time Yixin specialized in various cron scheduling on UNIX/IBM platforms.

Web Developer

After moving back to Austin, Yixin start his job as Web Engineer at Volusion. While working at volusion he added feature and maintained volusion.com and mozu.com, both were high traffic production sites. Besides site maintenance, Yixin also worked on Drupal CMS platform for both sites, integrated analytic software with the sites, and developed SalesForce lead tracking platform for Volusion.

On his free time Yixin worked various side projects - BoxHopp, Worksitement, and more (details in resume).

Software Engineer

In 2015 Yixin started his gig at Edgecase, one of the tech start ups in Austin with less than 20 employees. While working at Edgecase Yixin was exposed to the world of building SaaS, eventually moving towards building a data enrichment platform. Due to the small size of the company, Yixin was assigned to full-stack role - his job required him to work on front-end, back-end, database, devops, and all sort of roles.

At the same time Yixin started working on various investment projects with his lifetime friend as partner. While the investment started with real estate research with purchase of homestead, Yixin eventually started his value trading career. Following the wisdom of Ben Graham and Warren Buffet, he developed Senin Finance, a web platform for long term stock analytics, with machine learning potential.

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Over the course of last 6 years Esheng was able to acquire variety of skillsets. Feel free to inspect his skillsets here!

Computer Science

Skill Years
Git 4+ Years
IDEA IDE 4+ Years
Linux/Unix/Terminal 6+ Years
Software Testing 2+ Years
Software Automation 2+ Years
Regular Expression 3+ Years
Docker (DockerHub) 1.5+ Years
Package Manger (NPM, Gem, Pip, etc) 3+ Years

Front End

Skill Years
HTML/HTML5 8+ Years
Responsive/Adaptive Design 4+ Years
AngularJS 3+ Years
ReactJS (Babel, ES2016) 1.5 Years+
Jquery 6+ Years
Visualizations (High Charts, D3, etc) 3+ Years

Software Engineering

Skill Years
NodeJS 3.5+ Years
Python 1.5+ Years
Ruby 2+ Years
PHP 4+ Years
Analytics 4+ Years
AWS DevOps 2+ Years
Continuous Integration 1.5+ Years
Authentication/Authorization 3+ Years


Skill Years
SQL (Postgres, MySql, etc) 7+ Years
MongoDB 1.5+ Years
Redis 2+ Years
R 0.5+ Years
ElasticSearch 1.5+ Years
ETL 5+ Years
Machine Learning 0.5+ Years


Skill Years
CMS (Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal) 7+ Years
Agil/Scrum 6+ Years
Atlassian Products (Jira, etc) 2+ Years
eCommerce (Stripe) 1+ Years
Value Investment 1+ Years

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Phone: (713) 517-9676

Email: yxia@utexas.edu

Current Location: Austin, TX